Solar Storms impact our lives. When they happen, will you be aware?

Why do people use FlareAware?

Sally W.

Sally W.

“I can breathe a little easier knowing that I will get a personal call when I need to get ready for a CME.” - Sally W., Ohio

Bryant W.

Bryant W.

With thousands of dollars invested in electronic equipment, I have always been worried about possible damage from solar flares.

I appreciate the fact that now it will be made known to me when there is unusual activity so that I may take steps to minimize my losses. - Bryant W., Ohio

Peter G. Esq.

Peter G. Esq.

"FlareAware is an exciting technology which I hope can assist my technology company from ever having to be unprepared for solar electrical interference.

Ultimately, technology powers my day-to-day and as much advance notice/warning and/or information on any 'Acts of God' are wonderful." - Peter G. Esq. Philadelphia PA

Ted S.

Ted S.

As a husband and father of four children I constantly worry about my family’s safety. I am striving to be more prepared in the event of financial, environmental or personal crisis; because that is my job as the head of my household.

When my wife and I read about the effects of solar flares to our family we knew that this was a threat possibly greater than any of the others. What would we do if our cars won’t run, our cell phones won’t make calls or our electricity went out for several days? What if we could find out about these threats hours even day before anyone else? Wouldn’t we be reckless NOT to be prepared? That’s why we subscribe to - Ted S., Denver, CO. Father & Husband.

Bob and Kay love FlareAware

Bob & Kay

My name's Bob and my wife is Kay.  We're in what they call the ‘golden years’ of life and I want to try to keep it that way as long as possible.  We worry about the world, the weather and the changes we see all around us from climate to society, and we like to think we understand most of what's going on.  Lately with the talk of the sun's solar flares and electromagnetic storms I've started to wonder if there could be risks.  I also heard that our phones and computers could be affected… that we could even lose them altogether.  When I learned of FlareAware, I found out that I could be a little better prepared and that I actually might be able to protect myself and my electronics if I'm careful.  I trust FlareAware to let me know as soon as the experts know so that I can get a jump on anything that might fly our way. I’ve always believed in the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and in this case, it could be worth a whole lot more.

Juli loves FlareAware


I'm in college and I love it! But I'm pretty far from home and my family. Sometimes I worry when I think about all the earthquakes that have been happening and other disasters that could stop me from hearing from my family or knowing how they’re doing. Recently, my astronomy class and friends in physics started talking about solar flares and some wild things called CMEs or "coronal mass ejections." I had no idea just how dangerous they can be! I learned that in the 1800's telegraph wires and buildings caught on fire… and people were actually shocked! Then they really freaked me out when they started talking about places just recently that lost power and communication services and a lot of people seemed to think it was due to flares and geomagnetic storms. Wow. Shocked is an understatement. When I found out that I could get a txt when a solar event like that happens with FlareAware, I knew that I could relax a little knowing that if the flare hits the fan, I'll know ahead of the curve even before I can flip on the tv to watch the news. I even got my parents to get it so they’re just as ready as I am. Even if I'm a thousand miles away from home my parents and I will have a plan in place to get our family together and we'll know WHY our phones and internet aren’t working. Thanks FlareAware.

Edward and Kerrie love FlareAware

Edward & Kerrie

My name’s Edward and my beautiful wife Karrie and I were just married. In my new line of work I get a lot of air time traveling from place to place and my wife likes to fly with me sometimes. We were watching Fox News recently and saw some really shocking stories about solar flares and the geomagnetic storms they cause. It really started to worry us when we heard that people and especially pregnant women, are at risk from radiation at high altitudes. We're hoping for a baby soon and I really don't want to risk harming a little one or even my precious wife. Heck, she's even worried about me flying when this happens. After asking around some of my friends, who are a bit more techie than myself, I learned that there are times when flights are cancelled or postponed because of communications failure and radiation storms caused by solar weather. Of all things, while my wife was on Facebook the other day, she saw a mention of FlareAware. She already knew that solar weather and flares were related to all these issues we were worried about, so she took a look. I'm glad she did. She and I both feel a little more at ease now that we have FlareAware to help us prepare and plan safer trips in the future.

Charles loves FlareAware


Hi, I'm Charles. I sure do love my family. My kids and especially my grandson are my world. We live about 30 minutes from each other and if I didn't have them, I wouldn't know what to do. We really enjoy getting outside and my wonderful boy loves fishing with me when we can escape town. Sometimes I worry about being in such a cramped city and what would happen if everything shut down. What if I couldn't call or my family couldn't drive over here? I'm the one with some extra water and supplies if things were to get rough. About a month ago I saw a documentary on YouTube about the sun. To say it scared me is an understatement. I learned that our beloved sun is going through a "solarpause" some call it. It's really quite grumpy right now and spitting a lot of extra stuff our way. And man, this past September was really spooky for a few days. After doing a little looking I found FlareAware. If things get bad, at least I now have a plan together with my kids and my grandson so that we can all get together and be safe even if our phones die or our computer driven cars stop working.